Welcome Young Foresters to the Sirhowy Valley Woodlands Educational & Resource Centre

Welcome Young Foresters…

Sirhowy Valley Woodlands have created an Educational and Resource centre to help engage young people by getting them involved with the preservation of natural woodlands, one such as our own here at Sirhowy Valley. It is our aim to educate young people about the importance of natural woodlands and the wealth of resources which reside within; from natural habitats which plays a pivotal role in protecting wildlife to the vast open forestry which is home to a variety of flowers, trees and other beautiful floral.

Through our Young Foresters portal, we ant to provide Educational resources and activities to young people to help them understand the important of woodlands. We also provide excellent opportunities for young people to get involved.

The Figure of Eight Butterfly

Woodlands provide significant opportunities for those who would not usually spend time outdoors to encounter and discover the natural environment. Natural woodlands provide a wealth of opportunities for people of any age to ‘get outdoors’. You can help play your part within the community by helping t

Young people can get involved in a variety of ways, from volunteering to just an occasional visit to the woodlands to explore the wealth of beauty it has to offer. At Sirhowy Valley Woodlands, we aim to provide everyone of any age an opportunity to participate; help litter pick and keep the woodlands clean and tidy, perhaps participate in the planting of seedlings and other plants to help grow the forest or engage in an occasional walk to admire and appreciate the importance of woodlands.

Clouded Border Moth

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