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Bluebell & Snowdrop Planting

Volunteers planting Bluebells & Snowdrops, in preparation for bloom.

Sirhowy Valley Woodlands

A variety of photos showcasing the beautiful Sirhowy Valley Woodlands, past and present.

Insects & Butterflies

A variety of photographs of insects & butterflies residing at Sirhowy Valley Woodlands. Photography credit goes to our local photographer,Susan Kerry Evans.

Fauna & Flora

An array of breath-taking photography of a wide selection of Fauna & Flora found at Sirhowy Valley Woodlands by our local volunteer, Susan Kerry Evans.

The Woodlands in the Winter

Some beautiful photography of the Woodlands in the Winter, submitted by Cathy Johnson.

Planting Wood Anenomes

Susy, Thomas Justine and Lusi planting wood anemones.

Local Community Police Support

Ryan Watkins, local Police Community Support Officer (214), patrolling the woodlands.

Wildlife Sightings

A selection of photographs, submitted by our users of local Wilflife sighting at Sirhowy Valley Woodlands.

Repairing the Steps

A group of volunteers, helping repair two sets of damaged steps within the woodlands. Photos displaying the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots of the work.

Bluebell Planting – February 2017

More photographs of our wonderful volunteers helping to create our bluebell forest.

Bluebell Planting and the first pruning of the orchard

Volunteers helping to prune the Orchard along with plant new bluebells.

Strimming the Orchard & Dock removal

Strimming the Orchard & Dock removal in July 2017.

Sowing Wild Flower seeds in the Orchard

A group of volunteers, helping to sow and plant flower seeds in the Orchard in preparation for bloom.

Deighton Primary School – Bluebell Planting

Pupils from Deighton Primary School, helping the woodlands flourish by planting bluebells within the Orchard.