June Update

Lots has happened, good and bad, as you can see from the strange fruit harvest of dirty nappies etc on the hawthorn and major dumping by the side of man moel road mercifully cleared by the council only to be dumped on again its a constant battle, we had a big result litterpick in May not so much last sunday the 16 th as weather has been so dire we have been spared!!!!!

The orchard and the wildflowers are now starting to come on which is great, vipers bugloss(featured image)poppies, ox eye daisies, yellow rattle, vetches and we have cherries, damsons, apples and possibly a plum fruiting, small yields at the moment and we may need to take most of the fruit off to help the young trees they are all heritage varieties, cariad cherry, Denbigh plum and lots of different apples such as cox cymraeg, rhyl beauty, Bardsey island, I will print a definitive list again, the Snowdon queen pear and the heritage greengages wont fruit for a few years yet I hope to be here to see them!!! oh and that’s Lucy in the long grass in the orchard, due for a cut soon.

The nut grove has survived without too many sorry looking specimens most are now in leaf there is the odd one that looks a little lifeless but we will leave them in as trees are funny things and can be  very tenacious and may just be late developers, photos to follow in next blog

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