• 31/10/18
    Kerry a winner in woodlands photo competition

    Our fantastic photographer volunteer Susan Kerry Evans is one of the 2018 woodlands photographic competition winners see link below for her other winning pics from our stunning woodlands https://www.woodlands.co.uk/woodlands-awards/award-winners-2018/ She is busy photographing and recording the flora and fauna […]

  • 11/02/18
    February 2018 litterpick

    Ken,Susy,Christine and Alyson (Lucy and George also helped!!!!!) did the 2 hours various others dog walkers took bags with them and collected too. Ken and Susy found Huge amount of litter below the pond where sadly the fishermen have […]

  • 18/03/17
    The creating of a Native Bluebell Wood

    Funded by GAVO and inspired by our youth volunteers Jessica and Lara, involving members of the group and their families and to our delight children from the gardening club at the Deighton school, Tredegar who came and planted 600 […]

  • 14/03/17
    Heritage Orchard Project

    Started in 2016, with mostly welsh heritage trees provided by Tai Calon, the orchard has survived its first winter with only one or two losses, could we have deer in the woodland. Some of the tree guards have had […]