Meadow Pipit
Animals, Birds

Scientific name: Anthus pratensis

The meadow pipit is a very common nesting bird of moorland, heathland and rough grassland. In the autumn and winter it moves out of upland areas to lowlands where it gathers in small flocks and can also be found on farmland and saltmarshes. In the spring it performs a fluttering, ‘parachute’ display flight. There are nearly 1.7 million breeding territories in Britain.

England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
Specific name:
Anthus pratensis
Length: 15cm Wingspan: 24cm
Classified in the UK as an Amber List species under the Birds of Conservation Concern review.

How to identify the Dunnock?

A small, streaky, yellow-brown bird, the meadow pipit has pale, flesh-coloured legs whereas the rock pipit has blackish legs. The tree pipit is very similar with a slightly stronger bill but they are very difficult to tell apart.