mini digger – a new volunteer courtesy of Howard Withers

Last Saturday Howard (Knobby )Withers from Princetown and his mini digger put in the hours for which we are very grateful as it would have taken us weeks!! and prepared the seed bed for the wild flower edge to the path towards the car park and the orchard, ably helped by Dave, Mark and Susy

Thanks to all of the above, we ran out of seed so Susy ordered some more (19 perennial varieties)

We also planted primroses and violets along the margins, which look great as they are currently in flower, the cowslips in the top meadow have survived the piping hot temperatures saved I think by the return to normal april weather

We have a paypal account and a donate page so please feel free to do so, we would love to buy lots more wild plants and seeds but they are very expensive so every little helps!!

Spotted the first bluebell today the 26 th April we planted 4000 last year so hope for a good show in a couple of weeks time, no sign of the wood anenomes yet though.

cherry blossom and lesser celandines late signs of spring !