Padlock jemmied off new gate Thomas Ellis way

Not content with ripping out the fencing beside the new gate to gain unauthorised access the padlock has been jemmied off – we don’t know when, please if anyone saw this particular incident, or any such criminal activity including illegal tipping of rubbish et going on will they report it to us or to the police, we do have community support officers, listed below they are:-

Neighbourhood Inspector

NSP Amanda Thomas 07464646249


Neighbourhood sergeant

P S Neil Pigeon 07968700887


Ward Manager

PC Neil Thomas 07788328930


Community Support Officer

CSO Michael P Davies 07464654146

Gwent Police are also the first force to pilot the innovative 999eye

999eye is a smartphone solution that allows members of the public calling 999 or 101(non emergency incidents) to either securely stream live footage or upload images of incidents in to control rooms

the non emergency pilot starts at the end of november but the emergency pilot is already running, check it out on the gwent police website for the full sp on how it works!!!