The creating of a Native Bluebell Wood
Funded by GAVO and inspired by our youth volunteers Jessica and Lara, involving members of the group and their families and to our delight children from the gardening club at the Deighton school, Tredegar who came and planted 600 bulbs last friday 10th March.
So far 3,000 bluebells in the green have been planted and 60 snowdrops ( originating from the crimea brought back by returning soldiers and recently discovered in Norfolk, supplied free with bluebells!) Only another 1000 bluebells to go!!!
Under the same project there will be 20’grams each of foxglove and wild primrose seeds and 500 wood anenomes which will all be planted in the near future. We hope to have a show from the bluebells and anenomes this year but the primroses and foxgloves will be next year.

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